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Treningswagen NS Plus 025825

  • Track of wheels (Spur) 138cm
  • Stainless steel pipe around
  • Wheels 25″- 12 spokes made from pipe 25×1,5
  • Interchangeable hub system
  • B – pneumatic suspension (new type)
  • Front and rear BIT
  • Back seat 105cm
  • Front seat: wedge moved front and back and to the middle
  • Equipment for 1 and 2 horses
  • Stick-out hub cap



The idea behind the creation of the NS Line was the desire to increase the availability of horse-drawn carriages for a larger group of recipients. Thanks to this approach, we managed to achieve a perfect balance between the high quality expected by the market, good driving properties and the price of carriages. According to many buyers, also in this series of carriages, the spirit of the GLINKOWSKI brand is clearly perceptible.

Carriages from the NS Line series are intended for horse riding competitors and enthusiasts who, in return for giving up their individual solutions, receive high-class carriages with proven quality and chassis at a favourable price. They are also an excellent alternative for those who are starting their adventure with competitive sports horse riding.

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